What do former students say? If we told you, that so far almost all participants were enthusiastic, that's no exaggeration.

On this site we will give you an impression of the participants’ opinions so far, by quoting the evaluation sheets we hand out after the course.

"We have learned a lot in a short time."
"My expectations were exceeded."
"The course was entertaining and never boring."
"A competent teacher who can motivate and get across the knowledge very well."
"It was taught everything I expected and what I need to keep going."
"I have done exactly what I hoped for and it was a lot of fun."
"Yes, because he has explained everything exact and it was easy to understand." (On the question of whether the instructor was to be recommended)


And we received these e-mails:

"Hello and thank you for a wonderful, memorable weekend. The "grin" won’t leave my face any more. I want to thank you again for realizing your idea about the sword fighting courses. I can only recommend this sport and am doing so. It was such a lot of fun. My arm and back really feel better after the course. Your responsible way of teaching has convinced me completely. Go on with the good work.

I very much hope that a training opportunity may be found in the environment of Norderstedt. I'm not experienced in founding training groups but ask all my friends and colleagues and so on, but so far my phone calls have been unsuccessful. But I keep looking, because I will go on doing sword fighting, even if it requires a little patience "


"I really want to thank you again, that I could participate in your course "medieval exhibition sword fight" in the VHS-Pinneberg.”

As I didn’t have a lot of expectations concerning the course, I am even more thrilled looking back. Even today I am still surprised about what and how much I could learn about handling swords in the short time. I learned how to handle and wield a sword and at the same time got a huge boost in terms of physical fitness. In a fitness club I would probably have needed 4-6 weeks for the same effect. But then I wouldn’t have had so much fun learning. Though I can still feel my muscles and bones I haven’t felt so good in a long time. Though I am already 53 years old I feel mentally and physically strengthened after this weekend.

Then there was also the background knowledge about how to handle swords. I am still amazed about how quickly and how competently you gave us an introduction to the topic.

I can handle a sword and know how to estimate of myself and others. A positive impression was left by the safety instructions and their strict observance. Even in pertinent specialist literature the need for theses safety measures was not shown as that urgent. I felt incredibly safe as I knew I could cancel each exercise at any time, if I ever felt uneasy, but that was never the case.

This high level of concentration and fitness that I learned here let me arrive at the decision, that I will send my two daughters to your course, especially after they show great interest in it after I told them my stories.

Thanks again and I'm proud of what we have done together. "

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