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You want to make a movie/film and you need a lot of fighters who can not only fight terrifically but also bring their medieval dress and their own sword?

Then you are right here.

In a quite short period of time we can activate up to 100 fearsome fighters for you and your movie. We are not joking; that’s just a fact. Test us! Or do you want to train your main characters or extras for a movie containing sword fights?

We really only need up to one week of intensive training to change your peaceful actor to an awesome and intimidating knight, who will fight the most spectacular battles for you.



The film people were expecting at all this quality and combat experience. It was expected that only a few "herumgehampelt" with swords is. In fact, great sword battle was operated in pure culture. Many mass battle scenes with up to 26 fighters, many individual battles and many spectacular scenes could be included. The production team was simply amazed at the great pictures.

Here is the making of video:


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